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Covid-19 Notice


Since the coronavirus (COVID-19) was first reported, CBRE has been closely monitoring the outbreak and has been taking several actions in response to it. Given CBRE’s role as a global service provider, we want to make you aware that we are actively working with clients and tenants in affected countries to coordinate our response. We also have a robust communications and safety program in place for our employees to provide them with up-to-date information, guidance, and resources as we track ongoing events and support preparedness activities.

Examples of activities include:

  • Health, Safety, Environment (HSE): We are adhering to governing requirements and havedeveloped several standards for our operations including: Pandemic and Infectious Diseases
    Cleaning Standards, Evacuation of Confirmed/Suspected Coronavirus Casualties, and Personal Hygiene and Mask Standards. In addition, we are conducting HSE briefings with property managers and account teams and are issuing regular safety alerts regarding hygiene controls. Our local teams are also staying in close contact and coordination with our clients and tenants. In high risk areas additional provisions will be made available to support increased cleaning and service level requirements. For low risk areas, our property management team will discuss and agree with you the level of provision that will be implemented.
  • Governmental Advisories: We are adhering to applicable government restrictions on travel and public movement, requirements for quarantine, following advice on home working for non-critical operational staff, and we may implement relevant visitor restrictions at your premises where required.
  • Employee Policies: Where appropriate, we have adopted alternative work arrangements including staggered working times, work-from-home policies for non-critical operations staff in impacted countries. We also have adopted travel policies, which, as of now, include a
    complete travel moratorium into and out of mainland China, limited domestic travel within China to essential travel only, and restricted non-essential business travel into or out of the Asia Pacific region. Employees who have travelled to affected countries, have symptoms, or have been diagnosed with COVID-19 or have been in direct contact with someone who has a confirmed COVID-19 are required to see a medical doctor and CBRE are restricting their access to the workplace for 14 days.
  • Our Supply Chain: We are working with suppliers in all countries to ensure their Business Continuity Plans are in place and their level of response is aligned to CBRE requirements.
  • Tenants: CBRE are not responsible for management of business continuity plans for tenants.
    We therefore request that all tenants review their existing business continuity plans including cleaning regimes within their area of demise. Where individuals are experiencing
    symptoms of COVID-19 they must seek medical assistance immediately and the tenant must ensure that the individual is not allowed to access multitenant offices for a period of 14 days. In the event of a confirmed case of COVID-19 to tenant employees or visitors, the tenant must inform CBRE immediately.
  • In the event of a confirmed case in a building, we will be implementing a disinfection cleaning response to common areas and endeavouring to retain access to the building subject to health authority guidance, however each occupier should have a response plan in line with their own business requirements if such an event occurs in your building.
  • CBRE will continue to monitor the situation and adapt our strategy as the situation requires.

If you have questions about the actions noted above, please raise them with your property manager or any member of our leadership team.